What's New? You ask... Meet Okayama Kobo Bakery


Tried and True - Bread and Brew

Okayama Kobo Bakery and Cafe

Is it just us, or does "Okayama" sound a lot like "Okay! Yumma!"?

Okayama Kobo Bakery & Cafe is one of the newest businesses to join the line-up of mom-n-pop shops along Center Street Anaheim.

Okayama Kobo is the brain child of bakery producer, Chef Kawakami, who owns 2 bakeries in Okayama Prefecture of Western Japan. In the Japanese language, “kobo” means bake factory.

Okayama Kobo Bakery's U.S. location is comprised of 3 connecting storefronts (listed in order from east to west):

  • Okayama Kobo Bakery: Japanese bakery

  • Okayama Kobo Cafe: gourmet coffee shop

  • Okayama Kobo's Bizen Bar: craft beer & wine

Guests are welcome to explore the tasty trilogy in whichever order they see fit. However, we recommend loading up on the dough first.

Pictured clockwise: Okayama Kobo's Japanini, Strawberry Milk Cream Croissant, Curry Pan

Pictured clockwise: Okayama Kobo's Japanini, Strawberry Milk Cream Croissant, Curry Pan

Part 1. Okayama Kobo Bakery: Try traditional Japanese bakery favorites, such as Curry Pan and Salt & Butter Rolls (#1 seller in Japan), or satisfy your culinary adventurer with an Okayama Kobo original, such as the highly Instagram-able Emoji Chocolate Buns, oozing with rich, gooey chocolate or a Japanini, a modern take on the French panini smothered through and through in cheese and stuffed with familiar comforts such as bacon and tomato. Okayama Kobo's bread is light and fluffy due to their additive-free dough, using 100% Japanese Hokkaido flour made with Chef Kawakami’s original blend, directly imported from Japan.

I'm parched! Cold Brew or A Cold Brew?

Part 2. Okayama Kobo Cafe: If you're seeking a burst of energy at the crack of dawn or a perk-me-up to remedy your post-lunch crash, we recommend trying a selection from the brew-tiful bevy of coffee and tea beverages. The cafe proudly serves Groundwork coffee beans, which could be the perfect way to impress your coffee connoisseur coworker. 

Part 3. Okayama Kobo's Bizen Bar: If you're entertaining friends or out for a night on the town, belly up to the Bizen Bar, and choose from 20 local and Japanese-imported draft beers. Fun Fact: According to Wikipedia, (most reliable source on the earth - obvi) Bizen ware refers to certain style of pottery unique to the Japanese province, Bizen. Next time you visit Okayama Kobo's Bizen Bar, be sure to pick up a Bizen ware drinking vessel, a great addition for your home collection of conversation pieces. 

Okayama Kobo is located at 155 Center Street Promenade, Anaheim, CA 92805.

Visit www.okayamakobousa.com for more information and hours of operation.

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